today I wake up at 5.45  or 6.00 am and I go to eat a  breakfast. And I have a headache. I eat 3 Tylenol and go to school. I go to study but I have a little bit headache. I eat 2 Tylenol and I tell the teacher I have a headache so I go to nurse room. Emma called mommy to get me home and I sleep longer. P’Pat and George come to the house and say something for me and get my iPad and iPhone. I have a little bit bad and a little bit good because when I have iPad I call my mom. Sometimes she can not talk with me. Later I play piano and sing a song and go to do homework and I go to eat dinner. Today I eat chicken noodle soup. Its good. Today I have to wash my hair. I miss my family and now I so good. And today I bye!