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On this day, I couldn’t sleep that well. I first woke up at 3 A.M. . In the end, I truly woke up at about 5.50 A.M. . I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes.  Next, Porsche woke up after me a little bit. Then, we packed up  our stuff for the last time. After that, I met Tricia’s parents. They greeted and talked to me a little bit. Later on, Tricia came in and talked to us too. Then, we had our breakfast. Mine was some mini-burgers, some grapes and a cup of tea. They were quite delicious. After that, we relaxed for some time . At about 7 A.M., Porsche , Tricia and I  got on our cars. Before that, Porsche and I hugged and said goodbye to Dave and Tricia’s father. Later on, we went to pick up Megan.  Next, we reached the school. Porsche and I made one last hug with Tricia before saying goodbye to her for good. I would miss her for a long time. Then, Megan ,Porsche and I went to the basement to wait there for sometime. We met Jensen there.  After that, the bell rang and we went upstairs to get our stuff. We also talked a little bit to each other too. Next, Megan and I went downstairs to the Spanish class. Ms. Doll showed us a video about the Bang Fai Festival first. She did that, because she wanted to confirm the festival I was talking to her about.  After that video, she showed us the movie from yesterday. It was quite ok. It ended with the destruction of the personification of the toxics and smoke by the protagonist fairy herself. The humans in the story also stopped the destruction of the forests too. Its message was that we should save the forests from destruction. I also wrote some comments about this movie too. Then, we went to the Math class. Ms. Leick led us find the vertexes with the completing the square method. It was quite easy. I could  solve all of it. Later on, we went to the cooking class. We met Jensen and Porsche there. The substitute teacher told us to think of cooking a meal with meat and vegetables. We decided that we would cook the fajitas. After that, we relaxed and have some fun in playing with each others. The teacher also opened a video of how to cook with cheese properly. It was quite interesting, but the video just lost its connection and that made it somewhat boring. Next, we  went to the Art class. Mr. Pendergast led us do a small tile and a small animal made out of clay. I was quite terrible at it, so it took some time for me to get the work done properly with the help of Mr. Pendergast and Megan.  Later on, Megan and I went to the English class. Mr. Larsen told us to make a story as an extension to a previous story along with dynamic characters. I made a sequel for Force 10 from Navarone. My story was the Allied team and a pilot from a plane embarked on a journey to disrupt the retreat of German forces in Greece and also destroy the Communist resistance there.

Then, Megan and I went downstairs to have our lunch. I heated my food before going to the table. My lunch was 2 chicken cheeseburgers. They were quite delicious. After that, I began to talk to other students too, especially Anna who was a student in the Spanish class. She asked me about Thailand and my future. I answered her those questions. I had some fun in doing that. Later on, Megan and I went back to the English class. I finished up my story. Megan was surprised that I could finish a 3 page story in about 2 periods. Next, I read a new book. It was 1984 by George Orwell. It was about a person who worked in the Media Ministry of a Totalitarian state. I managed to only read a few pages, so I didn’t know much about it, but it was quite interesting After that, we went to the history class. Mr. Romatowski didn’t told us about the test yet, instead he showed a documentary about the U.S. in the 1920s. We also needed to answer some questions too. It was quite nice. I  also got a wound from scratching a pimple, but I managed to get a band-aid(plaster tape) to cover it. Later on, Megan and I went to the Science class. The substitute teacher, Mr. Miller showed us a documentary about radiations. He also gave us a sheet to complete too. It was about true and false questions from the documentary and  estimating radiation exposure  to ourselves. We helped each other a little bit about the questions. I also talked to Megan and another student too. We had fun in doing it. The documentary was also nice too. Next, Megan and I went upstairs and got out stuff. We saw George and Pat while we were  walking upstairs too. Then, I joined up with Porsche and went to George and Pat. We went to  the car together and had a nice talke too. It was quite good.  When, we reached their apartment (The same place where Porsche,Tricia and I picked up Pat and Plakaow.). Their room was quite ok. After that, we had our “dinner”. It consisted of fried chicken and salad.  They were delicious. Later on,  George gave a math problem to solve. He said that we should try to analyze the conversation in the problem. George had to explain it to us in order to get the right answer.  Then, Porsche gave George a math problem too. It took some time and clues from Porsche for him in order to solve it. Next, we went to the Gamestore in order to upload our blogs. After that, we went to a school in order to see Junior and Plakaow playing in a play.

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