Today is Saturday . It is the last day with my host T^T . And it also is the first day in Chicago too . I woke up at 7.30 O’clock this morning . Junior didn’t wake up yet hahaha . Then I went to take a shower . Then I came to my bedroom to pack my left stuff . When I finished pack the stuff , Junior woke up . Then I went to a living room . I played with Sam in the living room too . Then I chat with my American friend on snapchat . After that I brought my stuff out of the room . I payed it in a family room . Then I went to sit in the living room for a while . Junior finished pack his stuff already . Then mom called us to have a breakfast . The breakfast was chicken in the basket . I had two pieces of it . Then we stayed in the living room . I played with Sam in the living room . We stayed in the living room until 10 O’clock . Then we were leaving from home . I felt very sad . Because I didn’t wanna leave here . We went to meet T. George and P’Pat at their apartment . It took about 20 minutes to get there . Mom also gave us six pieces chocolate chip cookies and root beer to eat while I’m on the way to Chicago . Before we went to Chicago , we hug dad and mom many times . Then we took about four hours to go to Chicago . We will stay in Holiday Inn . We got the stuff to our room . Then we went to Sky Deck . It is the second highest tower in America . We went there by train . We went on the loop line . But it was unlucky when we got there . Because , we went there too late so we had to wait about 90 minutes . So , we went to had dinner first . We had piazza as the dinner . It was very good . Then when we finished , we went to Sky deck again . We took the photo on the top of it for a while . It was very very high . Then we went back to the hotel by train . When we arrived at the hotel , we went to our room suddenly . I upload blog suddenly when I got in the room . Then I will go to take a shower .