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On this day, I woke up at about 5.50  A.M. . I  brushed my teeth and changed my clothes as usual. Porsche  woke up after me a little bit. Then, we  had our own breakfast. My breakfast was  a bowl of cereals again. It was delicious. Next, George and Pat led us make our own sandwiches for lunch. I made a roast beef sandwich with lettuce, cheese and some mustard. I also pack other things for lunch too. After that, George, Porsche and I got on the car and went to the school. George dropped us there. Porsche and I walked into the basement again. We waited there for some time until Jensen came in and told us to get to the cafeteria. In that place, we met Megan and some of our friends. We  sat on the benches and started talking on the things we do on the weekends . It was quite nice. I also gave Megan  and Jensen  keychains as souvenirs too. Then, the bell rang. We went upstairs  in order to put some of our stuff in the lockers.  I also gave Aaron a keychain too. Next, Megan and I went to the Spanish class. Ms. Doll gave us more information about the restaurant we would go to on Wednesday as a field trip. It was El Camino. It was a Mexican restaurant. She also showed us the menu in that  restaurant. I am not quite sure of what should I order right now. Then, she led us finish some more vocabulary words about food and restaurants. It was quite nice. I managed to finish some by myself. I also gave the keychains to Anna and Elizabeth who was also another student in that class too. Later on, I gave the yearbook presentation files to Ms. Doll via email. She said that it was quite nice. Next, Megan and I  went to the math class. Ms. Leick gave us more equations about factoring. It was somewhat ok to be dealt with. I managed to finish  more of those equations.  Ms. Leick also got a fan from me too as a souvenir. She liked it. After that, Megan and I went to the Art class. It was also a study hall hour , so I decided to finish the equations. I   got some help from Megan  for those equations too. I also help her  about the equations in return. Jack, a  student who I often met in lunch, received a keychain from me too. Next, I gave a fan to Mr. Pendergast. He said that it was nice. After the hour was finished, we went to the Gym class. We joined up with Jensen, Porsche and Aaron. The teacher told us to run again. I managed to run about 0.97 miles.  That was quite close to a mile. After that, we teamed up to play volleyball again. We managed to won against the others. I thought that I helped the team by scoring 2 points indirectly. The others said that I made those. I still believed that I wasn’t that good yet, but I still had fun in playing it. Next, Porsche, Megan and I went to the English class. Jensen was busy so she left Porsche with Megan and I. Mr. Larsen told to everyone that this hour was a reading hour, so we continued to read our books again. I progressed further in my reading on 1984. I found out that Winston Smith, a party member who worked in the Ministry of Truth (Propaganda). He began to develop hatred for the Inner Party which controlled the state and the Big Brother who was the supposed leader of the country, because he saw what he thought as poor , unfair and repressive conditions in the state. He was also disillusioned by the lies of the Inner Party itself. He found a woman who had the same feelings as him. Her name was Julia. She was also another worker in the Ministry of Truth. Next, I gave a keychain to Garrett who was also another students who were with Megan and I  in the Spanish and Math classes.

Later on, Porsche, Megan and I went to the cafeteria. We heated our food first before we went to the seats. I thought that the sandwich I made was quite delicious. Then, we started talking about things in general. It was quite nice. After that, Megan gave me some  strawbeans. It was ok, but I couldn’t eat all of it. So, I shared some of it to Garrett. Next, we went up to the English class. Mr. Larsen led me introduce myself to the class. I introduced myself and the places that I had been to. Some people also asked me some questions, so I answered those questions. They were also surprised that I had been to many countries. Then, I read 1984 once again . Later on, we went to the History Class. It was all about test corrections. Mr. Romatowski showed the answers and explained  them to us.  When, we were checking the test, Jensen came in and picked up Porsche . I found out that some questions were a little bit strange like a question regarding Militarism as one of the main causes of WWI. It said that the framers of the Versailles Treaty made the Germans to disband their army and navy. The German Army existed as the Reichswehr in the Weimar Republic after the war. The Navy also existed as the Reichsmarine too. Only the Imperial German Air Service (Air Force) was disbanded. I also argued with Mr. Romatowski in these questions too.  I got 36 out of 38. Later on, Megan argued to Mr. Romatowski about a question too. In that question , I got the same question as she did. I got 37 in the end.  After that, we went to the Science Class. Mr. Filer told everyone to finish a worksheet about Biological Effects of Radiation Exposure. I managed to finish it along with the rest of the math equaitons. Then, some of my classmates, Tyler who was a student in the Science Class and Camie who was Megan’s friend, asked me to write their names in Thai. So, I wrote those names for them. I also explained more about my school to them too. When school was finished, Megan and I joined up with Porsche and Jensen to get our stuff in the lockers. After that, we seperated . Porsche and I waited outside for some time until Pat came in and led us to the car. Later on, George, Pat ,Porsche and I  went to the Library again. Porsche and I uploaded our blogs and realaxed again.  Then, we bought some food for dinner.

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