Hello! Today, I had cereal for breakfast. The cereal was called “Fruity Pebbles” very yummy! Sydnee just opened that yesterday morning, and now it was almost gone. Yesterday we ate a lot of fruity pebbles, more than half!! I lied it so much><. We arrived at school the same time with the shcool bus arrived, about 7:40 am. The first class was Gym class. We played gridball. I was in the Blue-Purple team, our team had me, Syd, Dana, Emily M., Randy, Grant, and Justin. So sad!!…the first game our team lost, all the members of the team was out. Aarom threw the ball to me and it touched my leg, so I’m out. He made Sydnee and Randy out too. I was very tried, but Syd wasn’t tried. The next class was Spanish, we learnt how to describe things. I made a comic called “The Story of Mr. Kabb Moo”. Then we went to Algebra class. Today, we studied about square root. I’ve known this before, so I can solve the problems. Yayyy!! 🙂 the next class was Social Studies. Grant and Emily M. presented today. They talk about Daniel Boone, this is Chapter 11. They did the trail, we walked around the hall way, and they gave us lots of information. Then we came back to the room, and did the Kahoot!, it is a quiz on this chapter. Guess what!!! I was in the 5th place, among 15 students. Wow!! I’ve done a good job..!! Then we had lunch. I had taco, Sydnee had mashed potatoes and nuggets. Then we went to the reading class, but today we had to go to Ms. Vallesky’s room. She described about tomorrow’s test, the Badger test. The next class was Quest class. Justin was the opener, he let us play a game called “Black Hole” we had to get in to a group of five. My group had me, Sydnee, Aaron, Seth, and Ken. We had to put the papers on the ground and spread in out. One person in the group had to closed his or her eyes and the other people had to guide the person that has their eyes close to walk pass the papers and don’t step on the papers. The next class was Band, if I’m in the band I’ll choose to play drum because I think it is probably easier than flute, trumpet, or clarinet that we had to blow the air to make sound. This class was boring, like a relax class, I wanted to sleep hahaha. The last class was Language class, we had a one-guestion test, it was about the story “To Kill a Mockingbird”, half of the class got it wrong, but Syd was one of the students that got it right. Yayy congratulation Sydnerrr..! Then we continued reading on Chapter 10. When the school end, Bryce drove us at home, and he went to work at Frogg’s Ice-cream. Syd will work there when she turns 14. We ate some snack, and talk talk talk until mom arrived. Syd went in her room and did her Algebra homework. I was playing piano when Syd did her homework. I’m going to sleep. I’m very sleepy. Sweet Dream!