We woke up around 10 am. It’s quite late but we slept really late last night.
Pam and Dad came back from walking the dog when we came out from the bedroom.
They were going to wake us up.

Dad waited for us to pack our stuffs and ate breakfast then he drove us to his house which is really close, in walking distance. I made a joke with him because when we were talking at Pam’s house. Dad said something like “You can’t sit all day, you have to walk around.” but he didn’t really do it too. Hahaha

We were at George’s parent house all day. We talked and watched TV.
Dad was interested about our Gopro camera so he played with it for awhile.
George showed his parent all the video on his Youtube channel  and made me really shy because there are my video too. And the TV was really big. I can see my whole face. Hahahaha




Around 3 pm. George’s parent drove us to the airport. We tried to avoid the traffic but there’s still some.
It took us about almost an hour to get there. We’re really hungry.
George wanted to eat before passing the security check but after we looked at the line, we changed our mind.
We think we’re better try to eat inside. We didn’t want to miss the fight. There were a lot of people in the line.
Many people travel here for their holiday because Disney and Universal Studio.

I always feel like Florida is really green. I think it looks greener than Bangkok. I don’t know why but George said it’s the same. Whatever, the weather here was better at this time. It wasn’t as hot as like Bangkok.


We got to the gate just in time. Southwest is a low cost airline. If you didn’t upgrade your seat, you will be the last group to get on the airplane. And because they don’t sign the seat number, you get on first, you pick your seat first.
So most of the left seats are always in the middle. We’re going to upgrade one seat this time but we didn’t have time.
Luckily that this flight were more like family flight. So people tend to sit together in the same roll.
I got the aisle seat for George. He likes it the most.

We got to Chicago around 8:30 pm. We took shuttle bus to Park and Ride.
We drove the car back to Wisconsin. It took us almost 2 hours to get out of Chicago.
We got to Manitowoc around 1 am. We had to stopped to use internet near the library for an hour because George needed to sent his Power of Attorney letter to our Thai teacher so she can go get the letter from the post office for us.

I was really sleepy when we got home. I slept around 4 am.