Today we went to Divine Savior Catholic School.Our plan is left the old school at 7 o’clock.So I woke up at 5:30 and do my stuff done at 6:45,that why today we didn’t go for a walk in this morning.When we at the school,we met our buddy and my buddy names “Maggie”.Then we move to ference classes.In my class we studied Science about an energy and next class is Math but they had an exam.So I go to do a presentation for kindergarten to grade 4 student at this school.At the lunch time we had pancake with egg and milk and my lovely baby carrots.After lunch time we went out side and play with our friends.When we came in,we go to do a presentation about Thailand.Then we went to a church to pray for Jesus about 30 minutes and we had to say goodbye to our buddy.In this evening we will going to have a dinner and play a roller skate.

~Today is a very long day.~