Yesterday,after we left the library, teacher George had a surprise for us again. He took us to the Thai restaurant!!! I miss Thai food very much. At the restaurant , there had somtam,pad thai,fried rice and egg rolls. We ate a lots and then Didi Proud Amy and I were all laugh for no reason. We can’t stop laughing until we were tried from laugh too much. But I though the reason was we feel overjoyed to eat Thai food ,so thank you teacher George! After that we went to play skate. But as everybody knows, I can’t play it so I just sat alone and talk with the bin hahaha. But Just 10minutes Amy came to sit with me because she felt unsteady all the time.Then at 9pm, we finished to play skate.

Today we have to wake up early because we had a lot of plan to do. First we went to the cheese factory to see how cheese produce and tour around the factory. We saw how the machines work and ate fresh string cheese. It was so yummy. I can die for it! Then I bought the ice cream. The taste of it named ‘superman’. It was yummy too but sometimes it taste like toothpaste hahaha. After that we were back to school to pick p’mild and go to the farm.

At the farm, it had rain a little bit and the wind blew stinking smell to us. It smell very bad.Then, we walked in the milk factory and they showed how the machines work. Afterwards we walked in the farm and there had a lot of cows. These cows was bigger than Thai cows a lot. We walked around and played with the baby cow that was born last night. he was so cute. After that we ate ice cream sandwich and come to the library. Now we are at the library and when we finish to do the blog we will go to eat dinner.