Today, I woke up at 11 o’clock, because last night I went to bed nearly midnight. Today’s weather is colder than yesterday. I painted some easter eggs, I tried to paint Thailand’s flag on the egg but I can’t, it’s too hard for me -.,-. At the afternoon, we went to grandma & grandpa house. Many people came to the house, because We had our candy basket. Every basket had name on it. I was the first one that found my own basket! After everybody found theirs, the eggs hunt start!! All the kids had to find the easter eggs. I found only two eggs, Sydnee found three while other kids found more than ten eggs. I got many candies^^. We came back home about 8 o’clock, because today have big basketball match between Wisconsin and Kentucky. All the Koenigs family are very excited, especially Sydnee, they want Wisconsin to win the match.