Today is a big and long day because we have a Brewers game. So we woke up not fast because the meeting point is near us house. It about 5 minute so we ate breakfast and get there then take a seat in the bus and take about hours and a half. Then we get to the stadium and wait outsides. Today is a hot day. It about 64 degrees. So it nice and warm day. So we ate some lunch that others host family brings. Kerry and Todd make a sandwiches and bananas cakes there. I was almost full and then we get in the stadium. The games was pretty long. It about 5.30 hours. Then we get outsides and take a pictures with a statue then get on the bus and back home. Today is a almost fun day. Then when I get home I have a nachos with a cheese and today is a tired day so I get to bed fast and today we have school too. Oh today Brewers fight with Pirates good today  but so sad because Brewers played not good so loses about 6 points. Nice and fun