Today I came out from my bedroom and found the boys all dress up. They didn’t eat yet so I told them they don’t need to wait for me. They can get cereal and eat whenever they’re ready. We have cereal, banana, blueberry cake for them.

I also asked them if the want scrabble eggs or fried egg for breakfast. They both said they don’t like eggs.
That’s weird. I love eggs. I only know how to cook breakfast using eggs.

We went out to Warm Water beach around 9 am. The Nelson (Pokpong’s host family) had clean up beach activity.
When we got there, we wore rubber gloves and a trash bag. Then we went to the beginning of the beach and started picking up the plastic cap, plastic pieces, foam, etc.

The weather near the beach was very cold. We told the kids before we left the house but seem like Porsche didn’t wear enough. He was actually going to wear short but George told him to change. Hahaha

We met Pokpong and Time there too. We walked walked along the beach for awhile.
We saw some dead animals and a goose that pretend to be dead because it was lying on its eggs.







After we’re all done, we took a group picture with the other kids and we went to the library.
We’re at the library until lunch time. We went to Warrent, my favorite place. I got hash brown and chili soup.
The kids got hot dog and chili soup. We didn’t want them to eat too much because we’re going to swim.


Around 1 pm., we’re at YMCA. They have an open swim hour from 1-3 pm.
We met Plakaow and Junior there. George swam with the kids. I didn’t.

When we went inside, we met Bam and Mind in there. Jadian too them here but she didn’t swim. She had homework to do so she sat at the waiting room, doing her homework.
Later on, Time, Pokpong, Nemo came to swim too. We had a lot of kids today.













The kids had a lot of fun in the pool. They swam and played monkey game.
I’m quite proud about myself and George for that. I don’t know why but that’s probably normal for me hahaha.

George took the Gopro camera and took some photo of them under the water and I took photo from the side of the pool.
They swam for about 1 hour. They got tired so fast. They went up and change. Some of them continued with something else in the Y. The YMCA is a gym that has many sport you can play. Some of them, you have to pay extra, some don’t.

We leaved the Y around 3 pm. We stopped by at the apartment to get Porsche’s jacket and hat because we’re going to the dirt track racing in Shawanon, up north of Manitowoc. It was 2 hours drive. The boys haven’t seen it before.

We were there early so we went to eat at the BBQ shop we went last time with George’s sister.
I and the boys ordered kid’s menu because it’s big. The boys got to try real Sundrop which made in Shawano.
You probably can find the real glass bottle only in Shawano. They agreed that it’s tasty.



IMG_2410 IMG_2405

We ate quickly and went back to the dirt track.
We found many car stop and the drivers came outside to talk to each other. I knew something went wrong.
George went out to talk to them. It seem like the race has been cancel. And somehow they didn’t update on their website so nobody knows about it except the real fan. That’s very upsetting because we checked and the website show confirmed schedule. The weather was nice,no rain so we’re sure that it’ll be on schedule.
Many people didn’t know about this because they only updated on their Facebook.
We’re disappointed and we went back to do something else.

We decided to go watch the movie in Greenbay instead. We watched Paul Blart2.
It was funny for me but it’s probably super funny for the boys because I heard them laughing out loud until the movie end.
We drove back to Manitowoc and stopped at Mc Donald around 10 pm. so the kids and me can updated our blog.
It’s been a long day.

Porsche was funny today. George showed him magic trick and he was really want to know how to do it.
And because he wanted to know so much, George didn’t teach him.
When he knows that we’re not going to do anything tomorrow, he told Toto that he’s going to practice magic trick Hahaha.

Toto seems to be a little bit annoy about new routine. He isn’t a fan of changing.
I think he’ll be find though.

Yesterday I heard Porsche told Toto “Hey Toto let’s do video call with Macro tomorrow”. Macro is a host brother, I guess.
Clearly that they miss their host family already. That’s cool!

Tomorrow, we will sleep late because we don’t have any plan until 1 pm.
We’re going to Canoening!! Yayyy