Today the weather is better than yesterday. First I watch Josie at band and she told me she have Summer band in May 5th I think I can stay here longer ToT. Next is Social studies and next we learned preposition for made a sentence I try but I can’t it’s too hard!! In a Science we watch a video and have a short note about Atmosphere and Ocean. First I think I don’t do that but Josie want me to do that. I have a short note in Thai it’s little bit harder if you listen in English but write in Thai. But it’s easier than write in English and you don’t know it’s write or and I think if I write short note I can’t read it! In the afternoon we make a Thailand power point I think it’s done in Friday. In power point it’s have about Bangkok,Songkran,King and Queen. After school we back home and made a ice-cream. Fun!!!