Today is my second day at Hilbert Middle School. We studied same as yesterday, start with gym class. We played baseball, and that’s my first time. I haven’t played baseball before, so it was very hard to learn how to play. The next class was Spanish class, and today we studied about bedroom items and colors. Then we went to Algebra class, this class was little bit boring. The next class was Social Study, I don’t like this class either, because I got homework from this class. After Social Study , we had a lunch. I had Taco, it was very delicious. The next class after lunch was reading class, I didn’t read a book actually, I just talked to my friends. When we finished reading class, we went to quest class. That’s one of my favorite class, because at the beginning of the class, we played game together. Then we went to another class, it was band like music class. Sydnee played flute and Pear just listened. The last class was English Language. In this class, the students had to do their speech, they have to do it today and tomorrow. Sydnee is going to do tomorrow.