Hello from Manitowoc Public Library again 🙂

Today I woke up quite early, but I felt like sleeping more, so I actually got up around 9 a.m. anyway. I got myself ready and went
down for breakfast. What I saw were Nissa’s clothes that George had bought were spread all over the floor. George was taking pictures
of them to send to Pat. Then we were ready to leave. George decided to call Pat before we went out and had no internet connection. She
had just finished feeding Nissa and was about to sleep, I guess. And it was only when Pat asked George that I knew where we were
going, haha.

The first thing to do today is to go to Lincoln High School. Today we took the street next to the lake. George tries new ways almost
everyday, just so we could know a bit more about the area. And the way we went today showed us that today is a good day to surf, if
you’re not afraid of getting frozen in the lake 😛

Well, not so long after that, we arrived at Lincoln High School. The school is HUGEEEE. And the parking area is quite far from the
school entrance, which is fine if I could walk in a normal speed and the wind is not so chilling. But I made it to the school anyway.
I know it might be too early to say that the kids in the school are rich, but this one boy who arrived almost the same time we did has
a very fine car. So this is probably a hi-so school.

Lincoln 1 Lincoln 2 Lincoln 3 Lincoln 4 Lincoln 5

We went into the school and talked with a few people before we found out that the person we came to see wasn’t there today. So George
made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Then we are here at the library again, eating and working. Yes, we can eat in this
Franklin Street room in the library, so it’s obviously the best place in the library, hahaha.

I think we might go to St.Norbert today afterwards. I’m not sure about that, but I have a feeling that I will be spending my evening
in the game shop again. So if you see this blog, please consider rescuing me, hahaha.

That’s it for now. See you in the next blog 😉