Day 35 : Today is last day to go to school I feel sad because I like here but I don’t like school hahaha I wake up 6 am. and go to bath room for take a bath , wash my face and tooth brush after that I go downstair for eat breakfast is penut butter x2 and juice and wait Zam to come pick me up for
go to school but!!! today Zam not come pick me up I don’t know why??? then I late for go to school but Popp pick me up to go
to school .
frist class is math today is test and I late hahaha this class is slient next class is physical education to day play a soft ball is very funny and tried next class is libary class everyone is play game in note book or do worh and play a phone but I write a block next class is music class is last to song at school next class is english class is play Kahoo I fee funny next class is lunch time I eat hotdog , frenhfrie , frie rice and chocolate milk next class is enginner class I feel sad because I miss Owen he is friendly I very miss him before next class I hug Owen and good bye next class is CNN class today I know what is name class is global class is presentation but before finish class teacher don’t know to bye she and my friend song happybirthday to me I feel funny and happy hahaha last class in America is science everyone is do work before finish class I hug Cole , Dreak , Steve and I many I can’t remember they name I feel sad hahaha
at 3 pm. I wait Popp come to pick me up for come back home after that Popp and Carol go outside and I go upstairfor sleep at 11 pm.