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Today I woke up at 6 A.M. and I change my clothes, wash my face and brush my teeth so quickly because I will ate my breakfast at home but Jadian told me that no zero class today you can hop in the bed, so I go down for get my breakfast and I ate cereal today. When I finished with my breakfast I go into the bed room and Jadian said that for about 10 minutes we will go to school and I said okay. Then when I go down she still ate her breakfast and Mind woke up that time. We’re school at 7.38 A.M. and I was the second people in the class again. The first class is A.P. Government and teacher open the video for us to watched in her class for 40 minutes and some are watched but most of them do the presentation that they will present in next week so everyone busy on their projects and I sat and watched and ate some marsh mellow there, the video is about A.P. Government exam. In this class the teacher is very kind she alway talk in the good way with students. Today she bring a cookies to the class for 2 flavors chocolate chip and peanut butter and she said that if anyone wanted to eat just ate it and sign your name beside my name and I will paid for you because she will gave the money to the school. The next class is computer and teacher gave a students to worked and then the bell is ring. The next class she do her worked in A.P. Government subject but she isn’t studied in that class now. The next class is A.P. Government again and teacher let student do a worked. The next class is Math and I do a little bit of exercise that teacher wrote on the board and Jadian told me that you don’t have to do it all so when I finished that question I drew a picture that yesterday I have drew. It’s lunch time and I got cheese burger and snack for my lunch. The history class I learnt about the war and I watched a video about the war too. The last class is making a video game and the school have practice that if in hear have tornado where we can get in or what can we go or do and it practice about 10 minutes and then we go back to the class. When we finished we walked to get Mind and then we met Muk. We play card with Muk and we taught jadian and she understood easily.

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