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Today I woke up at 6.10 A.M. and Julie woke me up and I woke up first because Mind school started at 8.00 A.M. so she sleep more in her bed and when I change my clothes finished she woke up and it was 6.30 A.M. and Jadian and I ready to go to school and Julie will walked to school with Mind in the morning. I’m at the school at about 6.50 and Jadian was sat and do her worked in a sheet and a computer so I sat and ate breakfast there. In A.P. Government class teacher explain that all of student have to do presentation and she open the schedule for students to sign there name and what day will they present and they all have 14 so all of the present day have 8 days and when she finished explain she let student do there worked and she told the scored of the test to student and her scored is 35. In the computer class teacher gave a worksheet to do and everyone must sent it tomorrow or in this week. We came back to the A.P. Government class again and they do they work in the class and check the answer of the test on Monday that why does it wrong and it have 3 question that everyone in the class all wrong so they asked the teacher. In math class I sat and do exercise for about half an hour and then I sat and draw a monkeys in my notebook. My lunch I had burger cheese and snack. In history class Jadian write happy birthday to Mollie on the white board and when Mollie came in to the class everyone said happy birthday to her and she was very happy today. the last class is making video and today me, Jadian and her friends sat there and talk together and it was very fun. When the school finished I come home first and get my phone and Mind phone and then we walked to get Mind at her school and on the way we saw Prakaow in his school while he have the gym class and Jadian shout his name and Prakaow and his buddy wave his hand like bye. When I got home I’m so hungry so I pick some snack to ate with Mind and Jadian.

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