This was the third day of America.I woke up with freshy face.And ate cereal again.Mr.George told us that Best was sleep walking last night.It was so funny.After that we started to go to the first school,St. Francis Cabrini Middle School.I was so excited that I gonna introduce my icebreaker.The student in the classroom were so cute.We introduced our icebreaker for 4 classroom.After that we walked to the MMT for waiting for the bus to go to the next school.The bus was very good.Its better than Thailand 555+. When we arrived at Roncalli High School.First we went to the engineering room.They were presenting their idea.They had such a good idea and good present.And they introduced the national student of their school.He was from China.His name was Liu Wenyu 刘汶予.He shared his experience that when he came to America.It was so good.And next we went to present icebreaker again.They were so cute and friendly.And we joined American History class ,Chemistry class and Band.After we finished ,we waited for the bus again for go to the library.On the way,I met student from Wilson school.I’m so glad and they’re so kind to me.When we arrived at the library ,we started to write our blog and afer this we may go to eat our dinner.Bye Bye