Today is a holiday called “Good Friday”. I woke up very late because it’s holiday and I want to relax at home. And I went to the church in the afternoon to pray. However I didn’t do anything because I’m not Christian and I don’t know what I need to do so I just sit and wait for everyone to finish singing and praying.

Since I ran out of activities, I’m just going to write down something about “Good Friday”.

In Christian, they believe in Jesus. Good Friday is the day that Jesus got stringed on the crost to get rid of everyoneeveryone’s sin. Christian and Jews are the religion that had a similar believe and start. But ChristiChristian is kind of a religion that separate out with some more believe. So in JesusJesus’s life, Jews kind of anti him. And his 13th follower is a spy that send him to the Radical religious fanatic group to kill him. But he know first so he allowed them to do it and not scape to get rid of everyone’s sin.

PS. I’m sorry if I use some incorrect word oor explain something not correct. I’m not mention to create any conflict, I just try to explain by my own understanding. This story can’t be use as aan according in your project because I’m not confirmed that it’s going to be correct. If you are interested to know a real full story better go to the library and read a good book about Jesus or Christian history I’m sure that you’ll find lots of nice one.