Today,I woke up a bit early than yesterday.So,I had time to prepared myself more.I went upstairs and ate cereal for my breakfast and prepared information for principles because I forgot to give him yesterday.At 7.20 ,Maya and her dad came to pick me again.Today It was snowing harder than yesterday.So,we talked a little bit about snow.When we arrived at school ,The first class was different from yesterday.It was chorus.I felt better than yesterday.They sang beautifully.Their voice had many power in it.and next was study class.So,I just sat and wrote this blog.And another class was same from yesterday.At lunch I ate bacon sandwich.and Math was a little bit boring today -.- When I came home,I just took my bath early today and watched TV I thought it’s action movies and Olivia invited me to play games and play barbies.When mom came home, we had hamburger for our dinner that it’s made me full easily and I’m prepared my lunch with dad for tomorrow.And Olivia invited me to play barbies again I hadn’t play it for a long time.When we stopped playing and I gonna stand up.My right leg wasn’t feel (ขาชาค่ะ). I couldn’t stand.So,I sat for a while.After I felt better ,I helped Olivia to keep barbies and wrote my blog.I gonna go to bed soon at 8.00-8.30. because I’m tried today from Math class 🙂 .Goodnight ^^