It was the second day that I stayed in America.It was so cool and cold.When we woke up in the morning.We started to take a bath and ate breakfast.Milk and cereal were so delicious.After that ,we went outside to walk for see the surroundings outside.And we saw the Mc Donalds advertising so, we went to that place.When we arrived ,we found that it was just an advertising.😑😑.So,we went to grocery store and we bought hot chocolate and lip balm.Hot chocolate was so delicious and helped us keep warm.We continued walking to First German School.Best sea so excited with the snow.He took many picture with snow.And after that ,We want to the Manitowoc Public Library to do our blog.When we finished , we went to eat lunch at delicious restaurant.The cheese burger and fries were so delicious.Then ,we walked so long to go to Save n Save to buy our food for dinner and we bought dry shampoo because I was so lazy for washing our hair 555+.After that we ate our dinner and took a bath.And finally we went to sleep.GN ^^