Today,I woke up a bit late 555 about 8.30 am.I came upstairs and ate pancake for my breakfast.We waited for grandma to come.At around 10.00 ,Olivia wanted to ride a bike so,we tried to put the bike down but we couldn’t because it was too heavy for us.Olivia asked Jordan to put it down.We ride a bike for 5-10 minutes because today was cold.When we came inside the house ,we found a game to play.Olivia got the Lego.Then,It rained so,we walked with umbrella to close the opened gate.We came back and built the Lego until lunch.I ate sandwich and cookies for my lunch and continued build the Lego and watched scooby-doo for a while and it rained again.I called with my mom for a while and came back to play again.We build it for 3 shops house.When dad came back ,he went to buy pizza for our dinner.I ate pepperoni pizza.It was delicious after that It rained again and this time it had lightning and thunder sound too and I watched TV before I went to bed.GN 🌛🌜