Today , I woke up a bit early.I went to school at 7.20 am.and I stayed in hawk room until 11.00 am.In chorus class, they sang so good.In science class , we just check our answer of the worksheet and I played game with new friends.We played snake oil.It was so funny.After I came home , I quickly prepared and checked my stuff for Florida.George and P’Pat came to puck me at 4.00pm. And we went to eat dinner at the restaurant.I ate sloppy Joe.It was delicious.We met Kay’s mom.She was so kind and she liked Nisa and Sam so much.When we came to George’s home, we just relax and I read the book for Nisa for a while.After that I went to relax in my room and wrote my blog.Then I slept at 8.00pm.