Last night,we left Thailand at 23.50.I saw Midnightsun movie that is my favorite film , ate food and fruit and fall sleep.When I and Pladaow woke up.We took a picture of sleeping friend ,Mook.She was very sleepy until the plane landed.We arrived to Korea at 7.00 am.After that ,we went to transit lounge to wait for korean trip at 12.40.We drank some beverages and went to korean book store.Pladaow was very excited with her favorite korean album and came out because its too expensive.Second time,I bought the study planner for Pladaow on her birthday.She was very happy and I bought the gift for my thai friends too.Third time ,Mook bought the gift for her Thai friends and the last time ,Pladaow 2 albums.After that ,we went up back to the lounge and played with Nisa.When 11.30 , we went to eat Taco for lunch and went back to the place for our trip.First place ,we went to the Buddhist temple.We went to pray and take some pictureand we found the tree that grow for 1000 year.Second place ,we went to mall.I bought black tea with pearl.Third place, Beautiful buildings.We took many picture together and went back to the airports.We went to take shower and prepared for our flight. ^^