Today ,I woke up very very early at 3.00am. because we needed to go to airport for the 7.00am. flight.We hurry ate cereal and arrived at airport around 4.00 am. We hurry check-in and the check-in line was very long because it had many people.We saw people bring their dog to go with them too.We spent the time for check-in and x-ray for 1 hour and half.It had many people today.We went at gate around 6.30 am.And hurry went in the airplane,I slept all the way because I was tired.When we arrived ,it was very cold outside about 0°C.I met with P’Mook’s host.She was very kind to us.We went out the airport around 9.00am. and we went to eat lunch.I ate cheeseburger and pancake.It was very yummy.After that,Mr.George sent me back home.Today was Kim mom birthday too so,I said happy birthday her and gave her gift and gave the souvenirs from Universal to Olivia.I still felt so sleepy so,I took a nap until 3.30 pm. because at 4.00pm we needed to go eat our dinner.Mom drove for 20 minutes to arrive at Texas restaurant.The food was delicious and after we finished eating.Mom filled the gasoline before we went home.When we went back home ,I and mom watched American Idol until 9.30 pm. and I went to bed.