Today, I woke up very early at 5.15 am.I quickly ate breakfast and played snow with Lisa.We saw the beautiful tree with the snow on it and listened to thai song.The road was very slippery because of the melting of snow.So,we arrived at airport slower than we planned.When we waited for check-in.P’Pat found that the flight was cancelled.So,she asked for other flight but it didn’t have because the weather was too bad to fly to Florida and the next flight that have was tomorrow.So,we just wait and solve the problem by prepared for the Florida and planned for today’s trip.We went to the mall of Appleton.I and P’Mook bought for a little bit 555.And we ate the rice with chicken for lunch.P’Mook was very happy and excited to eat rice.After that we went to see Shasam!!! ⚡⚡.It was very fun and funny and I went to eat dinner.It was very delicious to me.I ate Caesar salad and grilled chicken with P’Mook.But the chicken was smaller than I’m think.When we came back to our room, we just relax and rest.