Today,I woke up at the same time of yesterday.but I finished dress earlier.When I walked up on the second floor and put my food in a bag for lunch.Mom has already woke up.She asked me for different good for my break fast.It had blueberry waffle, cherry and raspberry bread.and I chose blueberry waffle.When I ate it.I thought it was delicious for me.I ate kiwi for my fruits too.It’s a bit sour.but I liked it.Today,Maya picked me at 7.25 am.My first class of today was hockey same as Monday.I played it and I thought It was hard for me.So,I took a seat and had relax for a while.I thought that it was better for me to see because it was not fun to play but it fun to watch.After that I went to orchestra class.Today,we watched the video first.The video was about the opera show.It was fun and They sang beautifully with very high notes ^^.For science class.It was a new chapter for me.It was polygenic knowledge.It was a bit harder that last chapter but I could do that.I talked about thai food and desert with my friends.They were interested in it.Teacher asked laptop for me to use in the school because next week they gonna have test and It will be long free time to me. So, I might do something that it was not get me bored.Next class , I thought It was funniest class for me.It talked about the equally in sex.When I finished that I went to history class.It was so boring to me.I gonna slept, when teacher closed the light and opened videos for us.After that I went to library to get some information for my laptop and went to English class like everyday.After that I went to eat lunch.It was boring today.In Spanish class , I didn’t do something special So,I continued writing my blog.but today Math class was funnier than yesterday.When I came home, I talked with my mom for a while.When Olivia came back.We played Alexa game and puzzles.After mom came home , we went to buy pizza for our dinner.On the way , we saw deer and when we came home at the garage, we saw bunny too.After we finished eating dinner, the kitty cat from yesterday was coming into our house.So, we took a picture and fed her a little bit with the bread.Im not sure that kitty cat was a girl or boy but Olivia called her Alex’s and liked her very much.I took a picture to my dad ,mom and friends.I thought today was an animal day for me 555+.After that Mom called police to pick her because we couldn’t take care her because mom was allergic to cat and we already have dogs.Olivia missed her so much when she’s gone and I went down stairs to brush my teeth a and slept now ^^ ByeBye 💗