Today is Monday so it is a school day I woke up early as I did everytime I went to school. When we arrived at school I have a stomachache and I eat an apple so I feel a lot better. So I study at school and I feel better about my feelings. I went to play basketbalk and skipping rope with my friends the weather was so warm that I could went outside without wearing any coats. After school I went home and we went to the Bethany school playground to play with Poomjai and his host Westly we play a lot of things like man on the wood chips, riding a bicycle, playing a pogo stick and run around. After that I went to have dinner at home it is delicious mac n cheese with sausage. I went to take a shower. When I went down the sky is beautiful like a galaxy color I went to take a picture outside but when I walk back it rain heavily so me and my host mum is wet. And I went to sleep.