I still woke up at 5am like everyday. Gourge said that our host family will come and pick us up around 10-12 so we had time to walked to mini mart and buy some hot chocolate.

The distance seem to be shorter than the 1st day that we walked and explored around since we are already feel normal with long walking and we walked to many place that’s took longer time.


After we came backhom, we spend our morning talking, cleaning up and watching YouTube together until my host family come can pick me up around 11am and Nissa’s said she wanted to come with me since she want to ride a horse (Gourge told her that our house has a house) .


Everyone ran our of the house with very thin clothes so they got very cold. We said goodbye at each other and I get to the car and they(actually only Best Pladaow that I saw there, I don’t know about the others 2 boys) waved at me from the boy’s room(That’s now Nissa’s room) window. I really love that friend ship moment. We spend our 30 minutes on the car and snow started to falling down during the way.


Then I got lunch as a cheeseburger again since it’s the easiest many that I can think of. Then we got back home and I unpack my suitcase . It’s quite hard to do that since I rapped my suitcase and it’s so thick and hard. Then I played Vii game and it was so hard. But I did quite well in bowling game. Then my host brother came to visit him and we played some games together before I took a shower, washed my hair and get back to sleep. Host mum told me that Lauren might be my buddy at school and I think that’s great because she’s very nice. I hope we can get on together well at school.