Today is the last day we spend time with the kids. I think we are getting to know each other better. We have a lot of funny conversation. They get along pretty well.

Nhun went with her host family first and she CRY because she will miss Nissa (my daughtee). She said she really want a younger sister. Im surprise that Nissa hasn’t change her mind yet hahaha.

Other kids started to have anxiety about separate from each other, host family and school. But I think it should go away once they meet their host family.

In the evening, George took the kids to bowling and I stay home. I was tired and didn’t want to leave the house.

They came back with the score. I saw a lot of zero in the beginning of the game hahaha. Net was serious about it. He use the caculator to calculate the point again because he didn’t want to be last.

Best asked about go to the market to buy water. He doesn’t like tap water. He smell chlorine. A lot of kids feel that way. (I don’t, I get used to it)

So they start to boil water and they think it help. They feel like the smell float away hahaha. Nope it is not. Chemical of it doesn’t work that way.

Another funny thing is Best trying to play witg his drone for a while and it didn’t fly. He thought it was broken and he wanted to return it.



So.. tomorrow all the kids will be gone! Yayyy freedom. I hope all of them do OK with their host and school so we dont have to take away anybody phone.