Today is a free day in the morning. Then we walked to the store to buy some things for making a card for host family and school. And we walked back home and made the card all the afternoon before we packed the snack to the pink bag.

I made Cup noodles for everyone because It’s kind of last day together.

Half an hour after that, K(Pladaow’s brother’s host mum come can pick Pladaow up for dinner with her family. When she left, we went to play bowling at the club. It wase and Nhun’s first time there and it was not so bad. At first I always got 0 point but about 3 times later I can do Strike.

When I did Strike me, Nhun and Best scream very hard and P’Net got annoyed us. Then we walked back home and Pladaow was back. We talked together for an hour and Nhun was left so we ran to the window to send her to host family. Then we went back inside and got back to sleep.

I was planed to continue my journal but I got distracted by lots of students from St. Francis that texted me. I was falling asleep very fast… maybe because I’m very tired because of long walking today or I might woke up to fast this morning.