Today is the first day of school. I woke up at 6 o’clock and got myself ready for school by made myself some cereal and dress up. Then I wait for auntie to take me and Garrett to school.

When we arrived at school Garrett took me to Choir room and I met Lauren and some another friends. The first class was Choir and I don’t know any lyrics so I did very bad there. Then we were in math class and I presented my Ice breaker to everyone and the boys seem to like it because the more I presented my presentation, the less minutes they have left in math class.

Then we had some more math. Lots of Thai people keep saying American high school students just start to learn about multiplying. But actually…it’s the same as Thai school.

Then we studied English after that, they are working on their resent work sheet so I have time to work on my homework in my computer.

Then it was lunch time, I had lunch at cafeteria and it was so good. I ate mash potatoes with steak and chicken (and mac n cheese but I didn’t finish it because I don’t like it.)(and also drank milk)  They sold lunch with with some computer that Garrett need to typed his students ID down for himself and me(or I… (?)).

After lunch I studied science and career and they are all working on their resent project so I continue doing my homework. I am waiting for Garrett to finish his practice so we can go back home and my computer is ran out of battery so I just catch up on my blog that I’m going to remember upload all of them by tonight at home.

I came back home and dinner was mash potato and beef again. I finished my dinner and cash up all of my journal and my phone is usable now with no reason. So I uploaded all of it but forgot to choose categories until I see one that Pat uploaded for me and I just realized that I have to select categories before submit.

And now I’m done with it.(This part is real time typing on the blog page not on a note so I won’t use past tense.) I’m so tired and I’m going to tell Pat and Gourge that I catch up all of blog(which I always call journal)  then take a shower and head back to sleep.