1. Today is the last Friday at this school. I mean it’s not last day but the second from the last day. Saying goodbye is always a sad thing to do after we met.

Today my school life was the same as before, I ate the last piece of cookie in the box and I think I should make them again on Sunday if I have time. Then I got to school by Clara’s car. Then in Choir class, we need to remember the dance for Mavolovolo song and that’s kind of creepy. Another subject was the same, nothing special happened.

Today lunch was meat ball sandwich. I have a hard time choosing my lunch for today since they have either pepperoni pizza or meat ball sandwich and they are both my favorite. I decided to choose meat ball sandwich since I think it’s more chance for me to eat pepperoni pizza in the future.

Then I got back home and had dinner as a cheeseburger and fries then I got back to sleep because I’m very sleepy. I know I’m always sleepy and I always wrote it down to the blog but I’m really sleepy and always sleepy.