Today my breakfast is cereal and corn dog.My lunch is hamburger at A&W.Today when I woke up I ate 2 corn dogs.And I went to ate breakfast at the breakfast room.Then I came back home to change my clothes and wait for Ivy Camren and Karter to swimming.When they done swimming we came back to the room and pack the stuff for ready to go back home.We went out from the hotel and went to The House Of The rock.When we at the house of the rock we almost get in but,We don’t had enough tickets so we have to went back again to the hotel and get more tickets.In The House Of The Rocks it’s all about cool things we stay in side for about almost 4 hours.And we all so hungry.After we get out from The House Of The Rock.We went to ate A&W.I ate Original bacon cheese burger with some fries.When we done from eating we went back home.I have alot of fun!!!!!