Today is easter day, a happy day since a long sad day for Christians since today is the day that they great Jesus for being in a heaven. Today activities for Christians are being with family and going to church. The Easter Egg discovery activities for kids are just come after that to make kids understand why should they happy easier.

Since egg is the sign of borning and it’s kind of represent how Jesus reborn in the heavens and everyone should be happy. Easter also represent that the spring is coming after a long sad winter so they bring rabbit and colour full to also represent that life is coming back. Rabbit is the animals that represents funny and life full. It’s show how spring is that’s life and colour that comes back to the nature after a colourless winter.

I said too much about Easter now so now I’m going to get back to the real blog that write about my activities.

In the morning we went to the church to pray and had breakfast(part of the belief of Christian for eating in the church in Easter day) Then I came back home to discover easter basket.

I can’t find my because it was in the cabinet and I don’t think I have opportunity to open them since it’s not my house. But I play hot and cold with Clara (hotter = closer and colder = More far) so I found my. But Clara one is behind the TV so she can’t find her yet but I can find her.

Then we all went to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to selebrate Easter and Garrett’s birthday. I found uncle that took place in the world war2 and he was a solider that staysstaysd in Thailand for a long time and he said about many place in Thailand that I don’t know them.

Then we go to another cousin house and I just played with a kid and got back home to sleep because today was a long and tired day travel around.