gToday is the first day together with everyone.  At first I’m so nervous since I never knew anyone before but another people seem to know each other quite well. I walk in to a lobby 2 time since I can’t find neither teacher Gorge or P’Pat and I found Pladow and teacher Gorge after that.  Mister Gorge ask me and Pladow to help him carry the water from the mart. (It was soooo heavy and at first they just put all of them into one bag but we ask them to seperate it into 2 bags. ) So I talked to her and I know that she is one of the friendly person.  When we arrived back at the lobby, P’Pat and someone else was waiting there so we just go up to floor 33(our room)  by the lift. Teacher Gorge talked about the rules and thing to and to not do in America. In the middle of the talk, Nhun just walked in and she was told to sit on the floor so me and Pladow told her to sit on the sofa instead. Mister Gorge’s talk is so long and I just want to lay down on the sofa instead. At 6 O’clock, my mum and dad got to go so they ask to left then the parents start to get out and we are almost *Dead Air*. Mister Gorge tell everyone that we are going to watch Alita at central plaza rama9  then on the way to the Central, I just said I want to watch “Friend Zone” more and Pladow, Nhun and P’Net are also agree with me. So we walked up and asked teacher Gorge to watch Friend Zone instead.  But when we arived their, the screen didn’t show the showtime of “Friend Zone” so mister Gorge say it’s already out. But Pladow just checked it in her SF application on het phone and found that it’s still have show time available. Then I randomly touch the screen and found out that it’s touch screen and we found the show time available of the movie, Friend Zone. We need to win rock paper scissors to watch that movie(for free but the snack is not free so we don’t bought it). P’Net start but he lost so we ask for 3 chance and Pladow, me and Nhun got it in the order. (I’m not going to write about the movie because it’s going to be a spoiled.) After the movie we planed to eat pizza but it was close so we go buy MC Donald instead. We brought 2 Fried and some hamberger that I don’t know why teacher Gorge call them “Sandwiches”. When we try to get out the door was locked so we need to find the way out and it’s so hot because the air conditioner was already closed. Finally we found the way out and get back to our room.  The lift stop at floor 3 and people start to talk about the gost story. We come to eat but we can only eat half of them since we are so full. We clean it up and start to wite this blog and go to sleep.

I’m tired now