Today I woke up around 6am to get myself ready for Orlando trip. Last night it was snowing very hard and Gourge cell to pick me up around 8am. We need to travel longer and spend more time since the rode is slip and full of ice and snow.

While waiting for Gourge, Pat send me a plane ticket. And about 5 minutes later, she send me that our flight was cancelled. Then Gourge picked me up right a way and U don’t have internet outside so I didn’t answer her back.

Then we finally arrived at the airport around 9am. Pat and Gourge spend time talking around with the counter man. At last we can’t go to Orlando today according to un control weather. I’m so confused that why don’t they give us any refund or whatever from make us wase our time.

But we can’t do anything so Pat and Gourge left me and Nhun stop the mall and we spend an hour at Clara’s shop and Nhun bought alot of thing (Including my and Pladaow’s birthday present)

Then we got lunch at Panda express and it was very good, I’m so happy to eat rice and everything is perfect. I’m sure I will come to eat here again.

Then we go watch a movie, Shasam(Because Gourge and Nhun want to watch it.) Honestly, fighting or superhero movies are not my style so I’m just fine with it but not very exciting about watching it.

The theater look very scary and old from outside but inside it was just a normal theater. But I thought there theater must be alot more full technology than one in Thailand but in fact it’s in opposite way….

Then we go eat at the restaurant near the theater and order a grilled chicken in kids menu and it turned out very small and the side meal even come out bigger. Lucky that I’m not hungry since I eat over need at lunch because I’m too happy with rice.

Then we get back to temporarily hotel to take a shower and go back to sleep.