Today was a bit cold.First class was chorus and I just wrote a blog because they worked on their project.On the science class , we learned about multiple alleles and did packets about blood type.Its funnier than yesterday after I finished my packet she let me to see for a book for read on next week and for the Spanish class,I just hangout and wrote my blog.History made me a little boring again because we watched videos for 20 mins and english class didn’t have any special thing today.At lunch ,I ate pizza ,string cheese and banana.It was delicious.After that I went to Spanish class and continued writing my blog again.For the Math class , I thought It was fun for today.After I came back to my home, I played puzzle and Alexa’s game with Olivia and we played hide and seek for a while.When dad came back, I helped him make cheese for our dinner.Our dinner was taco.This was the second time of eating taco.I thought this time was more delicious than the last time at Incheon airport.After dinner ,Olivia did giggles on my foot and we danced baby shark song.It was a funny things.I came back to watch TV for basketball competition.It was so exciting and I gonna go to bed at 8.30 ^^ GN 🙂