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On this day, I woke up at 6 A.M. . I took a shower and brushed my teeth as usual. Next, Porsche woke up and finished his own activities. Then, we had our breakfast. It was some cereal. It was pretty much nice for us. After that , at 7 A.M., Porsche, Tricia, the kids and I went out to pick up Megan. Then, we went to the school. It was raining at that time, so Porsche, Megan and I had to run into the school. After that, we seperated again as usual. Megan and I went to the Spanish Class. In that class, I discovered that this hour was a free one, so I was free to do anything in the class. I also discovered  that I had to go on a field trip with Megan and other students to a Mexican restaurant. The staff there were instructed to speak in Spanish. I was wondering how could I order anything then? I might need to aski Megan or someone else, because I didn’t know Spanish. Next, we went to the Math Class. I managed to finish some equations from Friday. I was somewhat confused by the equations about square tiles,but I managed to get somewhat more used to it. Then, we went to the Art  Class. Today, this class was a study hall hour, so I could do something else and relax. I decided to finish the math equations and talked to Megan and her friends more about Thailand along with Mr. Pendergast. Later on, we went to the Gym Class. I didn’t know that there was a gym class on Monday, so I didn’t bring my clothes to change. I had to watch others doing some physical activities instead for the entire period. After that, we went to the English Class. Mr. Larsen taught us about counter-arguments. He also checked my essay. He said that it was good one, but he told me to remove some parts in the conclusion that was too obvious to the readers. I was ok with it. Then, I decided to read a book for the rest of the period.

Next, we went to lunch. My lunch was 2 leftover pizzas from yesterday, nachoes, peanut butter cookies and some juice. They were quite delicous. I also heated the pizza along with Megan and her food before eating. Then, I talked to her friends about my school in Thailand and how strict were they about uniforms and hairstyles. They were surprised about the PE uniform I have to wear  in my Thai school, because it was in pink and blue. They were actually my school’s colors. I also guessed that I was used to wear this uniform for a long time, so I didn’t feel that odd. Next,  Megan and I went to the English class again. I continued to  read again. At the end of the hour, we went to the history class. Mr. Romatowski told us to make an accronym of the causes of WWI. I made one and it is “FENTAS”. Its abbreviation was Failed Diplomacy, Expansionism, Nationalism,  Tensions, Arms Race and System of Alliances. I believed that these were the main causes of WWI. In Mr. Romatowksi mind, it was “MANIA”. It stood for Militarism, Assasination, Nationalism, Imperialism and Alliances. I could understand why those could also be the main causes of WWI. He also showed about a typical WWI battlefield by showing a clip of All Quiet on the Western Front. I had watched this movie before, so I wasn’t excited. He told us that the way to distinguish the French and the Germans were thier helmets. The French got a bulge passing the center of the helmet, while the Germans got a spike on their helmets. I told to class another way to distinguish them was  look at the color of the uniforms. The French wore blue, while the Germans wore shades of gray and green. (The Germans in the movie wore brown.) Actually, the German helmet in movie wasn’t actually a steel helmet. It was made out of boiled leather. The Pickelhaube, as it was known, was the main headgear of the German army since the late 1800s. It was only in 1916 which the Germans used the Stahlhelm which was a steel helmet. The Stahlhelm was the same type of helmet the Germans used during WWII. The French only wore their Adrian helmets from 1915. (The Adrian helmet was the helmet the French used in the movie.) So, I guessed the movie happened around 1915. Next, Megan and I went to the Science class. While we were on our way, Megan told to me that the scences were intense. I told to her that it was at least less intense than Saving Private Ryan, and I also told her to imagine a WWI movie with a Saving Private Ryan level of intensity and brutality. She  said she hadn’t seen Saving Private Ryan yet, and she might see it later on. When, we were in the Science class. I began to do something else as I didn’t have any kind of worksheet to do, while Megan was doing her work with her friend. After school was finished, Porsche and I went to the outside to wait for Tricia. When Tricia came in, we got on her car. She did some drive-thru banking before going to Walmart to buy some stuff. At Walmart, Porsche, Tricia and I walked and bought some goods like food and other stuff. Then, we picked up the kids from the babysitter’s and went back to the house. After that, we had our dinner. It was some pulled-pork burgers and cream potatoes. They were quite delicious. Next, I updated 2 blogs and went to bed.

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