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Today George and I visited Junior and Plakaow at home.
We’re waiting in the front of his house until they came home.



There’s a dog. His name is Sam. He is a hunter dog.



He is quite active but he is really smart too. You can tell them what you want him to do.

This is Junior and Plakaow bedroom.



Their host mom’s grandmom passed away so tomorrow their host mom has to go to the funeral.
They don’t want to bring Junior and Plakaow there so they have to go pack some clothes and come to stay with me.
They will stay with me until Sunday morning. Their host parent  will join at the baseball game and take them home.



They have Ginny Pig at home too.

Plakaow and Junior like Rout-beer.

Plagaow seem to be well feed. He is getting bigger. He and Junior seem to get a long really well.
Their host family make joke with them. They’re funny.
They said their host mom is really kind and she is a great cook.
And their host dad is more strict like tell them to go to bed on time and when they didn’t turn off the light, he would come in and turn it off. Hahaha

We took them to the diner, my favorite one. It’s Warrent. Hahahaha.


Junior got Grill Chicken Salad and Plakaow got ham and cheese sandwich.
They can eat a lot! They ate it all.


Around 6 pm. We went to the game shop. George played card on the tournament.
I and the boys played game and writing a blog.

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