Today I got up at 4.50 a.m. Then I went to took a shower and had a breakfast . Breakfast is same as yesterday . Then I played basketball and American football with my friend . After that we took of from Divine Savior school at 7.15 a.m. to go visiting at Manitowoc Lutheran High School . I went to school with other ten Thai students . The school is very big . We studied in this school whole day with our American students that are our buddy . My buddy’s name is Jeffy . He study in grade 9 . He’s very kind and fun . I got many new friends here . First class we studied Science . It’s about specific heat . It’s very easy for me . Next I went to meet my friends and other Chinese students at another room . Then we went to Spanish class . It’s very boring . I felt very sleepy . Next we studied in Algebra class . Then we wen to music class . I really like it . It’s very fun in this class . After that we had a lunch with all Thai , Chinese , and American buddy . It’s is pizza an cookies . Then we studied English class . I also like this class because it’s very fun and useful . Next we studied Geography . Teacher is very funny teacher . This is the last class today . After that I separated kfrom Jeffy to meet my friends . This school is very great school for me . Then we went to library for take a respite and update our blogs .