Today is Saturday I woke up the latest but I woke up because Cheri came and woke me up. Or else I might wake up in noon. We have a breakfast and I and Spencer we went for walking the dog. And when we went back we get prepared for going outside. Today we plan to go to the trampolines place when we there we need to bought their socks. We went in and we play at first we just play an normal trampoline and we jumped very high. I do some tricks like I drop my self down and it bounce and I stand up again. I tried to flip but it can’t to it. And we went to the Dunk trampoline I also dunk. And I went to the dough ball trampoline it was fun so the rest of my time. I hit but they catch so I out. And we went to Scheels to buy a baseball glove for Spencer and I and Mike tired to find a pair of tennis shoes but we can’t find but the one that didn’t want to got it. Spencer got a pair of Nikes Flynit I tried to find a KD7 but they didn’t have my size. After that we went back home and I and Spencer we play NBA2K then we went to bed.