Today we go to school by grandpa’s car because mom go to work early. I learn math. I have gym but today we don’t play rollerblades because play baseball (I wanna play rollerbladessssss). I don’t like baseball because I don’t know and understand how to play :((( so I don’t want to play(just watch). Before lunch  we learn how to make go nuts banana bread. Then I eat pizza and banana cake for lunch. Afterthat I learn communication art, band, reading and science. In evening we have track in our school. I compete also. I just run 100 meters dash. I run slower at my school (in Thai I can run 16.9s but here i run 17.4s). Then I talk to my friends (I and Taylor try to put grass on Myranda’s head hahahaha) I try to teach them how to speak Thai. I teach them many Thai words. I feel very happy and fun. Then we go to grandpa’house. We eat pizzas (again). Then we come back to home. Today is fun dayyyyy:-D 😀 😀