Today still but it don’t have snow. In morning I learn math. Then we play rollerblades. I try to run very fast.We hold waist person in front of like a snake. It very fun>3<haha. In face class we learn how to make crunchy munchy chocolate peanut goop for tomrrow. In lunch I eat potatoes and omlate egg. After lunch It still have presentation. Then I have a band and reading class. In science class we just learn in 20 min because it have a track meet so we change clothes and get a bus to go to Billion Middle School to have a track meet. I watch and cheer Skyanne and other people run. They run veryv fast. I meet Pang also because it’s her school so I talk to her very much. We talk many funny things hahahahaaa(I laugh as loud as I can^0^) Then we find something to eat and com back to home.byeeeeee