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Last night we watched a show until 10 o’clock then we went back home.We at home around 10:30 then I did my stuff quickly and went to bed around 11 o’clock.

Today I needed to woke up early for the baseball game so I woke up around 6 o’clock and we left our home around 8 o’clock.But we left our home late so we had to go to Manitowoc in 15 minutes! We were at a car park around 8:20 to took a school bus to the stadium.This was a long ride and I was very sad that we forgot our Rubik’s Cube because on the bus it was very bored.So on the way we talked about “Blade” one of our classmate in English class and we talked about Thai’s word for a little bit.We at the stadium at 10 o’clock and we set up the table for lunch outside with a little bit windy and sunny.We finished our lunch around 11:30 then we could do everything until 12:20 we took a group picture and we went inside.The game started at 1:10 and while we watched the game,we had some popcorn.When the game over kids could run the bases the bad thing was Clara didn’t come with us and I wore shoes that not for running.The game over around 4:10 then we waited for people came out and we could go to run the bases.The game took about 3 hours and the game result was the Brewers lost! When we finished run the bases a staff said “You all miss the base” yep that true because we just run and we didn’t care about the bases.Then we waited for the other at a gift shop and we went outside to took a group picture with a statue in front of the stadium.Then we walked to the bus and we would leave here around 5 o’clock but teacher George couldn’t find his backpack so we had to wait for him for couple minutes.We had some cookies left from our lunch so while we were waiting for teacher George,we ate some of that cookies,YUM.Then we left here around 5:20.On the way we talked about Thai’s word again and played some clap likes “Cup Song” something like this.It was a long ride it took around 1 hour and 10 minutes to got to the car park.We at the car park around 6:30 then we took our car back home and when we got on the car everyone was very hungry so we had some ham sandwiches.We went back to our home in Billion and we at home around 7:30.I had to wash my clothes and washed my hair today so I had to do all stuff quickly and went to bed early because we had to go to school tomorrow.

Lucky! Today the weather was nice again,it little bit windy and sunny.When it didn’t have a wind it gonna be little hot for me.

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