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Hi! Today, I arrived at shool about 7:40 am. We went to the Gym class. Today, we played kickball. I was out only one time^^, but I’m still out. I don’t want to be 1 of the 3 people that out T^T. The second class was Spanish. In this class, we studied about bla bla bla (I can’t remember cuz I was drawing.) then we went to the Algebra class, we had a test. I drew again. Today wasn’t a special day, Nothing special. The next class was Social Studies, now I had something to write already. In this class, our group presented our Chapter 9 project. First, we presented our powerpoint (prezi). Then we put the students in a group of five, there were three groups, then we played an awesome game. This game was about…Ecah family (I mean each group) has to survive in 4 days. They have to buy foods and pay taxes. They can buy bonds and seed if they want, they can trade their bonds and seed too. The winner is the group that come up with the most money. How could we know that Day 1 was over, the answer is Sydnee turn on-off the light, like Day-time and Night-time. The different between Thai kids and American kids is…If we let Thai kid play this kind of game, they will just buy stuff and sit, do nothing, but American kids enjoyed the game they pretended that somone is Mom, another friend is Dad, and bla bla bla. When the night time come, they pretended that they were sleeping. They pay attention to the game. They pretended they eating the real food (It wasn’t a real food). Their action was very funny. The winner was Family 1, the members was Ally, Dakota K., Gabe, Grant, and Heather. When the game was over, we let the other kids do the Kahoot! It’s like a online quiz that you have to answer in the time. If your answer is correct, you earn points, and you will get more points if you answer the question fast. The person that got the highest score was Makaylee, she always win this game!! -.,- She’s perfect, good at everything. Sydnee and Kassie got a very good score in this project. They got A 95%. After that we had lunch. I had mashed potatoes, milk, nuggets, and salad. I loved school lunch, very yummy…better than Thailand school. The next class was reading class, but 8th grade had a test (again)! I had to sit in Ms.Vallesky’s room until the Quest class started. In the Quest class, the opener was Sydnee!! She let us play the game called “Traffic Jams”. This game we have to play with partner. Syd didn’t play, so Emily and I were partner. One person has to be the car and close his/her eyes, another person has to be a Driver and control the car to go this way that way, and avoid the car from another car (person that has a beach ball in their hands). This game was pretty cool! I haven’t seen this game before. The next class was band, I don’t know what to do in this class, nothing to write…! The last class had to be Language, but today we had reading instead of Language class. I brought my Thai book “Khun Chai Pawornruj” to school. I read it in this class, this is my second time that I read this book, because I already finished it at the airport. We came back home, I fed Bailey (the black dog) ^^. She was very hungry. Then I plyed piano, I played Thai song called “Mai Bok Thur” and “My Heart will go on”. At 5:00 pm, Syd had to go to her girl scout class, at school. I tought this will be the same as scout in Thailand that we called “Ned Nari”, but they didn’t do the same activities like us. They did stuff like write something on the road with chalk, they wrote Happy Earth Day cuz tomorrow is 45th Earth Day. This is about hour and a half. Today, I saw snow, and hail, and sleet. That was awesome, a bunch of snow stuck on my hair. The weather was very cold today. My mom went to Vietnam this week, she said that Vietnam is very hot about 40 degrees Celcious. We ate pizza for supper. After we finished with the girl scout, mom took us to the (I don’t know where it was)…like one of the Hilbert School building. We went there because Syd will play Softball, and they had to talk about where will they practice, what time, and bla bla bla. Then we went home, I took a shower. Syd and I sang a song that we just made up in a couple minutes about Boo Radly!! Hahaha very funny. Then I will…..go to bed soon. Goodbye!! Have a sweet dreammm!!

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