Hello guys:)
Today is Friday , In morning l got up at 6.35 am. and take a bath and then l have a breakfast. Then l went to school and when l stayed in classroom l remember homeworks and prepared to start learned . In morning l learned christ religion and math christ religion it about jesus , In math lesson l learned about subtraction and position decimal and additions digits to 10.15 am. and l have recess. After l went to classroom , then l learned social studies to 12.15 and have a lunch. After then when l finished my lunch , and then l have recess in evening classroom learned English in English lesson my teacher he talked about show and then in 2.35 pm. my class have P.E. and when l finished l went to home . When l stayed at home l take a bath and have dinner and prepare for school last day show it have a lot of people and finished at 8.30 pm . and when l finished l went to home and go to sleep