Today, I woke up at 6 A.M. . I am probably the first one to wake up in the house. Dave was the second one to wake up. He said hello to me and went to work. Then, Tricia and the kids came in . I said hello to them and sat in the sofa. I began eating my breakfast with the family . My breakfast was a yoghurt parfait with granola and fruits. It was very delicious. The kids ate scrambled eggs and fruits. Then, Tricia woke up Porsche at 9 A.M. . He had his breakfast while I was having mine earlier. I found out that Marco and Leo needed to be paid attention for most of the time. They were quite stubborn, but they were young though, so I couldn’t do much except for playing with them. Then, at 10.30 A.M. , we started travelling to the Milwaukee Public Museum. While we were on our way, Tricia dropped the kids into her neighbor’s house. Then, we had our lunch in Wild Buffalo Wings. We had chicken wings over there.  I chose honey mustard and medium as the sauce for the wings. Porsche chose terriyaki and blazin’ which was the spiciest sauce. Porsche was sweating after he ate a chicken wing with that sauce. He said that he was almost crying. (I was lucky that I chose the medium sauce.) Then, we reached the Milwaukee Public Museum. Over there, we began observing various North American Tribe exhibits. We also explored the Crossroads of Civilization exhibit which contained information and artifacts of the ancient civilizations in the Near East and the Mediteranean like the Egyptians and the Assryians. In that exhibit, I found 2 Ancient Egyptian mummies along with other types of artifacts. Then, we walked into the Circumpolar and Asia section. We saw the lifestyles of various groups of people in the Artic and the countries in Asia. Later on, we travelled to the Rainforest section. We saw various tropical animal models over there. Then, we went to the European Village exhibit which contains various European houses from different countries like France , England , Germany, Italy ,Russia and Poland. I found the houses to be quite different from each other. Then, we went to the butterfly section. We saw butterflies and the parts of the butterflies in that section. After that, we returned to the house and picked up the kids. Then, we had our dinner which was  a cheeseburger. It was quite delicious. Then, we watched Divergent and went to bed.