Today we woke up and get to school. We almost late for the school because last night we watch the Badgers. Today we have gym class. But we do not have to run a mile. In gym class we play badminton we find our partner and hit forehand and backhand. I have David for my partner and Spencer have a partner with Jack. I and David are doing good we make lots of hits. And today is Gabby’s birthday she bought us a cookies. Today we have a study all class. Spencer wanted to sit with Abby so I go sit with Gabby. But Abby did not want to sit with Spencer so Spencer was sit with Mathew. When school ends. We went back home and have a Salmon that Mike made it. It was yummy I ate a lot of it. Then we go and shoot some basket. Then we prepare to go to the Gamblers Hockey Game. When we there we have a front row seats it’s very close. The game was good but we lose the Saint. When the games end we got some autographs of some players and we head back home.