My friends and I were still in the Korean Air  747. I felt so tired that I wanted to stand up and relax myself. Then, I got the chance to do that when the plane landed at Inchon International Airport in South Korea. The plane landed in the morning, so I would have to buy my own breakfast in the airport which I did so by buying some noodles to eat.  Later on, I began using the internet   and trying to sleep with some successes. We had to fly to Inchon, because our flight to Chicago was only available from Inchon.  Then, some of the students and I began to talk to George on various subjects. We had fun in doing that. After that, we boarded on another plane at 11 A.M.  . The plane we were flying on this time is the Boeing 777-200. We had to fly   from Inchon to Chicago for about 12 hours. I felt exhausted during this flight, but I tried to compensate for it by watching a movie, documentaries and playing games. Then, the   plane landed in the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.  This meant that we were now in the U.S.  . ( This is the 3rd for me though.) We had to wait in the immigration checkpoint for a very long amount of time. This made me feel a  little bit unhappy, because I had in this checkpoint for something about 30 minutes or an hour. Then, we picked our luggage and put on our jackets. Then, we got on the bus that took us to the Divine Savior School which would be the place for us to stay during the first week of the trip.  When, we were on the bus, we ate some nuggets and French fries which George and some other students got from McDonalds.  Then, we reached  the   Divine Savior School and began unloading our luggage there. After that, we cleared up the room which we would be sleeping later on. Then, everyone relaxed until 6.30 P.M.  . At 6.30 P.M., we walked to a restaurant. The meals that were served were pizzas and cheese sticks. The food was quite delicious, but we couldn’t eat all of it. In the restaurant, we began to talk to 2 Thai students that had been studying in Manitowoc for a year on various issues.   When I was walking to get back to the school, my friends began throwing snowballs at both George and Pat. I didn’t anything else when we were walking back. Then, we reached the school . After that, we began preparing ourselves to go to bed. The water that was used in the showers was extremely cold. Finally, I slept in my sleeping bag, but some of my friends were still talking. In the end, all of them stopped talking and slept.